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Conversations Spoken and Not:  
09:47am 07/11/2011
Weyrsecond Wyn
'Why /are/ you so angry, then?' (Beatrix, Myckren, Quin, R'yst)Collapse )
Pastries and far-ranging discussions.

'I am nothing, Wyn, if not an opportunist.' (R'yst, Dragons)Collapse )
All four of them are, really.
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Search and Research:  
09:27am 07/11/2011
Weyrsecond Wyn
'Pyrene seemed to have a unique ability of-- polarization, from the people with whom she associated with on a professional basis.' (Rhaeyn)Collapse )
Art and History.

'Had to learn! Search and Rescue wing!' (Charli)Collapse )
Innovative Istans and daring rescues.
tags: charli, hrw, rhaeyn, sar
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09:10am 07/11/2011
Weyrsecond Wyn
'You cannot argue that in our society, even at the Weyr, that shitting in public would be dishonorable.' (Wynston)Collapse )
Matters of honour. And poop, apparently.

'I've only ever seen someone who's been bit a couple times, and it's never even half as dramatic as the nannies always say.' (Thurafea)Collapse )
A wandering niece appears!

'You're a senior apprentice? What are you studying? Has it been exciting?' (Thurafea, Wynston)Collapse )
Wyn finds Wynston a shadow.
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Hot Spring History Lessons:  
01:20pm 30/10/2011
Weyrsecond Wyn
<< Were you dropped on your head as a dragonet or is Ligryth getting senile? Of /course/ you anticipate what's not there. That's the whole /point/. What /I/ can't understand is how you and your hapless rider haven't ended up embedded in a rock. >> (Dirna, S'len, DRAGONS)Collapse )
Relaxation, in various forms.
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Quiet Cornerings:  
12:30pm 30/10/2011
Weyrsecond Wyn
'He's very... affixed t' the concept of duty,' (K'ane)Collapse )
On dragons and duty.
tags: hrw, k'ane
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The Mating (Flight Lesson) Game:  
12:16pm 30/10/2011
Weyrsecond Wyn
'Hi there, My name is Greenth, and I'm a green dragon. Can anybody tell me when I'm supposed to go proddy for the first time, I forget!' (K'ane, Paige, Rysta, Tilla)Collapse )
Suggestive baked goods and hand puppets. Wyn will have therapy cases for turns to come.
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New Bar, New Faces:  
12:00pm 30/10/2011
Weyrsecond Wyn
'Sii'kyn. Shea's gran'pa?' (K'ane, R'yst)Collapse )
Wherein Wyn discovers she is Old, but Mudsliders remain kindred spirits.
tags: hrw, k'ane, r'yst
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11:57am 30/10/2011
Weyrsecond Wyn
'Where have you been? Where are you from? Did you use to live here?' (K'ane, Nika, T'ii)Collapse )
A quiet return becomes a history lesson. And a hug.
tags: hrw, k'ane, nika, t'ii
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A Letter to G'deon and Vaeli:  
11:52am 18/02/2006
Weyrsecond Wyn
16th Spring, 48th Turn, 10th Pass

Weyrleader and Weyrwoman,

I send identical copies of this note to inform you that I have completed an interview of the assassin, Uriala, as she remains under heavy guard. She has made a confession of guilt, in addition to naming one other victim, of Fort Hold, in a crime committed prior to her return to High Reaches Weyr.

While a full mindhealer might be desired to give an independant assessment, it is my opinion that Uriala, while retaining an awareness of her actions, and that they violate the laws and rules of society, is entirely insane, with no hope of a return to normal function.

However, as she does understand the severity of her actions, and the consequences for them, I report that we can indeed proceed with an execution on the charges of attempted assassination of Weyrwoman Pyrene, with the lesser charge of assault applied to the case of Captain Zethlen. We have no jurisdiction over the Fort Hold murder, but we can make the charge that our claim to her life is greater than theirs.

Attached is a transcript of our interview,

Weyrsecond Wyn.

'I am a healer. They were a part of the disease.' (Uriala)Collapse )

And, a few days ago: 'Care to explain your logic?' (Zethlen)Collapse )
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OOC: Mwahahah, logs.  
12:51pm 30/11/2005
Weyrsecond Wyn
'Wyn -- did you just pun?' (Andron)Collapse )

'I have no wish to seek a /fight/, my dear. I simply wish to talk to him. Over tea.' (Antonias)Collapse )
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